Why do men suffer from erectile dysfunction?

By far the most common reason why men suffer from ED is the narrowing of the blood vessels within the penis.

This is related to other circulatory conditions such as high blood pressure or a build up of plaque in small blood vessels. 

Research has shown that it is this group of patients who are likely to respond favourably to shockwave therapy.

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Other potential causes are:

Neurological: Injury to all disease of the nervous going to the penis. This may happen with neurological diseases such as MS, spinal-cord injury or damage to the nerves following prostate surgery.

Psychological: Including performance anxiety, or potentially difficulties within a relationship.

Hormonal: Abnormal Levels of Testosterone, prolactin and Thyroxin are all linked to erectile dysfunction.

Drug or Alcohol abuse: Both excessive alcohol and drug use can affect the ability of generating and maintaining an erection.

Prescribed Medication: Erectile Dysfunction is a reported side effect of many prescribed medications including antidepressants, beta-blockers and diuretics.

Cycling: Prolonged cycling on an narrow saddle can compress the peroneum at the base of the penis, causing damage the pudendal nerve and the pudendal artery.  The Greek physician Hippocrates recognised this relationship of compression these nerves and blood vessels when horse riding. “The constant jolting on their horses unfits them for intercourse.”

Peyronies Disease: A condition where scar tissue leads to a curving of the penis.