Vigore Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

In collaboration with Vigore, The Birmingham Clinic offer the most advanced, non-invasive treatment approach for erectile dysfunction.

Shockwave therapy is an advanced, non-invasive, safe and drug-free way of treating erectile dysfunction. 40% of men over 40, 50% of men over 50 and 60% of men over 60 suffer with vascular related erectile dysfunction ! There are other causes, however, vascular related ED is by far the most common cause, and this treatment approach has been found to be effective for treating this.

Given the research findings regarding effectiveness, and the significant benefits over the other available approaches regarding practicality, we believe that in time shockwave treatment will become the treatment of choice for men suffering with vascular related ED. The Vigore protocol enables men suffering with erectile dysfunction to access effective treatment within a professional and friendly environment.The initial appointment is with a doctor, who will establish whether this treatment approach is appropriate for you.

Then each 20-minute treatment is arranged on a weekly basis. It’s pain-free, the only sensation that patients often report is a slight tingling during the session. Our mission is to enable men, and their partners, to access effective treatment for what is, unfortunately, an embarrassing condition. Our aim is to educate men as to the potential reasons or, and the prevalence of ED in order to remove the stigma surrounding it.

Professional. Friendly. Effective.

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“There is no downside to this treatment, only a big upside.”

Sir Ian Botham, OBE

The clinic is held at the Guildhall Practice, 265B Alcester Rd South, Kings Heath, Birmingham. It’s a professional, private, multidisciplinary medical practice.

For further information for patients, please click here to download the information brochure.